Betty Boop Home Decoration Ideas

Betty Boop is that famous animated sex symbol from the 1930s who starred in countless films and captured the hearts and imagination of male and female movie-goers everywhere. This lovable character remains a popular and nostalgic character even today, and lives on in a multitude of characters and collectibles and even many great accessories that will add excitement to your own home!

In this article, I'll suggest some ways to spice your home with some Betty decoration ideas!

Betty Boop Bedding Sets

Add some pizazz to your daughter's (or even your own!) bedroom with a sexy, feminine, Betty bedding set. You can find many girlish pink or valentine-red bedding sets that include sheets, comforters, pillow cases, and even drapes! Then let this seductress warm her up with a Betty fleece blanket for added winter warmth.

Outfitting your daughter's bedroom with the legendary sex symbol will inspire your growing daughter to feel like like a confident young woman!

Betty Boop Decor

A little touch of Betty Boop here or there can add excitement to your home. Among the many Betty home decor items available are Betty Boop peel & stick wall decals for your kitchen, a Betty door mat to welcome your visitors, a standing Betty cartoon clock, a Betty wall clock, Betty mugs, and even a Betty Snuggie!

You can find all of these items as officially licensed Betty goods, so not only will your new Betty accessories spice up your home, but they may very well become valuable collector's items as well!

Betty Boop Bathroom and Shower Accessories

Perhaps the best area of the home to decorate with BB accessories is your own bathroom! What better way to celebrate her sultriness and seductiveness than with a flirtatious Betty right in your very own bathroom? Bathroom accessories like soap dispensers, tooth brush holders, bath mats, and shower curtains will turn your bathroom into a BB memorabilia collection that will be the envy of your friends and family!

With Betty bathroom accessories, you can turn your drab bathroom into a 30s parlor of fun and bathe with Betty every night!