Country Home Decorating - How to Add A Unique Feel to Your Home With Country Home Decor

Do you want to add that special touch to your home that will give it a serene, country feel? Country home décor may be the answer to your decorating dilemma. Collectibles from out of the past are excellent additions to most decorating styles. Here are a few suggestions to add pleasure and enjoyment to your home:

Glassware - Collectible glassware is popular country home décor. Whether it is Depression glass, all-white ironstone pitchers, footed cake stands, vintage milk glass, blue and white spongeware, or an eclectic collection of vintage glasses, you can't go wrong with adding glassware to your home décor for that country look.

Vintage Fabrics - Vintage fabrics make fantastic collectibles to add to your country decorating ideas. They can be used in many ways--as sofa or pillow covers, as kitchen or sitting room curtains, as pretty doilies or table runners, as quilt pieces, as drawstring bags to hold gifts and small collectibles, and as homemade fabric dolls, just to name a few. Fabric remnants can be used as well as vintage buttons and trimmings.

Dried Flowers - Dried flower arrangements provide that time-honored, vintage look. They may be purchased or you may want to dry the flowers yourself. Let flowers hang upside down in bunches in a dry, dark room that is well-ventilated. Herbs may also be used in floral arrangements and can be air dried as well. What a perfect accent to add to your country home décor idea.

Vintage Baskets - Vintage baskets are useful as well as valuable. Painted splint baskets from the 1800s are hot among collectors; however, they tend to be pricey. Rustic baskets help control clutter and give a room an outdoor, down-to-earth look and feel.

Distressed Finishes - To add a country look to your home décor, use distressed finishes. Picture frames, occasional tables, cabinets, and other wood pieces look ideal with a distressed finish. You might want to purchase items with the distressed look as "distressing" a finish is an art in itself!

You will find country home décor at antique stores, second-hand shops, flea markets, and yard sales. Don't forget those family keepsakes that may be hiding in your attic or basement. They may well be just what you need to provide that unique country home decorating accent.