Jim Shore, Wildflower, and Kitchen Fairy Figurines Add Whimsy to Home Decor

Although each person has a different sense of style when it comes to home decorating, everyone wants a home that feels comfortable and inviting. To that end, an increasing number of people are collecting and displaying figurines that bring a touch of whimsy to the home and smiles to the faces of family members and visitors alike. Three of the most popular collectible figurines are those from Jim Shore, DEMDACO, and My Little Kitchen Fairy.

Jim Shore Figurines

Originally from South Carolina, Jim Shore is an award-winning artist whose figurines can best be categorized as a cross between American folk art and popular culture. Made of stone resin, Jim Shore's figurines encompass themes ranging from his Heartwood Creek collection of angels and his faith-based angels to his collectible Disney figurines. Many of his Disney figurines have patriotic Americana themes, such as "Justice for All," which depicts Mickey Mouse waving a flag in front of the Statue of Liberty, and "Protect & Serve," which depicts Mickey Mouse as a police officer. Jim Shore has also designed a variety of Christmas ornaments, ranging from "12 Days of Christmas" ornaments and reindeer ornaments to farm animal ornaments. He has also made nativity set and Santa figurines.

DEMDACO Figurines

DEMDACO offers many collections of figurines, but one of the most popular is the Wildflower Angel collection. Each figurine in this collection depicts an angel holding a wildflower. Given the meanings associated with different types of flowers, each Wildflower Angel conveys its own message. "Poppies," for example, conveys consolation, while "Forget-Me-Not" encourages someone to always remember the other. "Lilies" convey celebratory enthusiasm, while "Nasturtiums" reflects patriotism. Similarly, "Periwinkles" recalls tender memories, and "Daisies" indicate compassion and concurrence.

My Little Kitchen Fairies Figurines

G.G. Santiago, an award-winning artist, designs the My Little Kitchen Fairies series of collectible figurines for Enesco. Typically between four and five inches tall, these whimsical fairies add heart to any home. Her "Wedding Cake Fairy," for example, depicts a little girl fairy reaching for the top tier of a wedding cake. Her "Hot Chocolate" fairy depicts a little fairy sitting on the handle of a candy cane striped mug with whipped cream on top. The detail in her "Asleep in an Oven Mitt" kitchen fairy shows a mischievous little girl fairy in pigtails, sound asleep with her teddy bear in a highly detailed red, white, and blue oven mitt.

Collecting and displaying fairies has become increasingly popular as a way of adding whimsy and innocence to home decor. Whether they have a touch of Jim Shore Americana, the hidden meanings of DEMDACO Wildflower Angels, or the sweetness of G.G. Santiago My Little Kitchen Fairies, figurines can reflect and express the personalities of their collectors.