Home Decorating From Flea Market Buys

Don't you just love the flea market?

It is a treasure trove for the bargain hunter. You never know what you might discover in a flea market.

You could end up with an entire collection of postcards, or vases, or pressed flower portraits or rather intriguing works of art. All for amazingly low prices. One man's junk could well be your treasure. Perfect for recession time home decorating.

Who says cheap stuff must look cheap? If it fits in with your decor and you absolutely love it, buy it.

Okay, this can be tricky if your home is small and overcrowded. If that is the case, maybe you should sell stuff on the flea market instead of buying more. Still, you can always rotate the gorgeous finds and display some while keep the rest away safely in the storage cabinets, for when you get tired of the existing displays.

The trick is to go for themed buys. Think collections!

A dozen or more wooden postcard make quite a stunning bathroom display if they carry the same theme (e.g. seaside) and are grouped together in an aesthetically pleasing manner. An added bonus is that they give the occupant something to look at while doing his or her business.

A collection of flower pressings or drawings or same-themed artwork from the flea market can make the guest room a lot more interesting if they are framed up and arranged in an orderly manner on the walls.

Or you could cheat and get a kid's artwork. How to create a knock out display [http://www.home-decor-ideas.com/articles.php?article=26] has some fun ideas to try out along that line.