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Home Decorators Have A Friend In Kirkland's

Home decorators come in two varieties: those who do it as a professional endeavor and get paid for their work, and those who do it as a hobby. According to the U.S. Census, of the 100 million homes occupied, approximately 60 percent are single family houses. So this group of home décor hobbyists can safely be thought of as large enough to be worthy of noting.

There are many reasons men and women alike choose to take up home decorating as a hobby: out of necessity, to create a visually pleasing environment in each room, to create a special motif whether it is Japanese Zen style, urban loft style, or an English country home style - or to simply become more organized. Whatever the reason, this group of people will be around as long as there are homes to personalize.

What every hobbyist needs - besides a room to work in - are the pieces to put in place. There are many choices of where to go to shop online or locally, but finding the right place that is convenient and reliable can be a challenge. Selecting just the right pieces for the personal taste and budget of the shopper can require the help of someone knowledgeable in the area.

Here are some online and brick and mortar stores to consider shopping through to visit online and in-person to help along the budding home decorating hobbyist.

The Hobby Lobby - At hobbylobby.com there is a selection of themed based décor, ranging from the baby's room to the bedroom converted into a home office. For the feminine touch, there is an assortment of over 100 ladies' decorative pieces from which to choose. While the site is a generalized hobby shop, there is a wide variety of home decoration needs to make the visit worthwhile. From bathrooms and birdhouses to figurines and wall décor, the Hobby Lobby will certainly have a piece that will perfectly fit into the desired style of the room.

Kirklands - For a combination of changing styles and affordability that has both an online and local store presence, Kirklands is one of the best choices. There are times when the need to actually touch the item you are looking for before buying is necessary, and Kirklands is one of the places where that can be done. Both space savers and space dividers are available, with accent furniture and wine racks for large living areas or small kitchen spaces. Their inventory is constructed from many different types of material to match most budgets and styles.

Home Decorators Collection - An online store, this site features the Martha Stewart Living Craft Space collection for storage and organization, making cabinets and consoles simple and stylish. But there are a lot of choices for wall decor and lighting at this site. With Tiffany styled wall, ceiling, and desktop lighting, the classic look of the Art Nouveau theme of the early 20th century. The wall décor options are a combination of art work and mirrors to enlarge the appearance of a small room or to enhance the beauty of a large room.